Vehicle Maintenance Now – Big Savings Later

VehicleMaintenanceOur parents used to tell us the same thing – “Take care of your toys, and they’ll last longer.” Our parents were right, not just about toys and games, but also about  our toys like Fords, Chevy’s, and Honda’s.

In today’s tough economy, consumers might try to save money by putting off routine vehicle maintenance. Spending a little to take care of your car now can save you from more costly repair bills down the road. Even though it’s true that today’s models require fewer recurring maintenance visits, and are more reliable on the road. It is still crucial not to take our vehicles for granted, a small investment of time and money can mean big savings in the long run.

Dave Kentch

Owner and operator of D & J Auto Service in Festus, Mo since 1976. We understand that every vehicle is unique. For decades, customers have been relying on us to offer professional service with individualized attention. We offer comprehensive automotive maintenance & repair for all makes and models and we take pride in offering our first-class services at a fair price.

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