Cooling System Service


Flushing your radiator’s antifreeze helps to protect your engine from overheating.

On top of  regular oil changes, ensuring your coolant system operates properly is probably the second most essential thing you can do for your engine. Old coolant, or even worse, coolant that has leaked out could easily end up costing you hundreds in repairs.

Coolant, usually referred to as antifreeze, soaks up the engine heat created as you drive through town. It flows through the radiator and back through the engine again and again. This is a rough job and as a result, the coolant will break down. It will no longer cool the engine or transmission as well as it used to. Plus, it uses up all of its anti-rust agents, allowing corrosion within the engine components and this can lead to a costly repair bill.

Properly maintaining your vehicle’s coolant system will help keep your engine, radiator at a comfortable temperature. When performed by experts at D & J Autoservice in Festus, Mo, a heating and cooling system service consists of more than flushing the old antifreeze from your radiator and filling it with new antifreeze.

Service Details

This comprehensive service also includes checking, and inspecting the following:

  •    Radiator coolant levels
  •    Radiator for leaks or damageCooling System Service - Festus, Mo
  •    Air conditioner’s interior temperature
  •    Heating & cooling system controls and blower
  •    All Hoses
  •    Cooling system pressure checked
  •    Thermostat
  •    Compressor belt

How will a heating and coolant service help my vehicle?

Both the heating and air conditioner work off of the coolant, flushing and filling your radiator’s antifreeze keeps your engine running cooler and helps prevent overheating, freezing, and corrosion. Over time the anti-corrosion and lubricating properties in coolant start to break down and let damaging rust, corrosion, and mineral deposits to form throughout the cooling system.

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