Belts and Hoses

Is it necessary to replace my car or truck’s belts and hoses?

Replacing belts and hoses at the first sign of wear helps avoid unanticipated breakdowns or the engine damage that overheating  may cause. More specifically:

  • Leaking or cracked coolant hose(s) can result in an overheated engine
  • Power-steering hoses are important to safe car or truck handling
  • A broken or worn-out belt may leave your car or truck unusable

Our Service Details

Belt and hose services completed here at D & J Autoservice includes:


  • A complete visual inspection of all belts and hoses for evidence of wear or damage
  • Replacing worn belts and hoses as needed
  • Adjusting the fit of installed belts, hoses, and other related components

When is the time to replace my belts and/or hoses?

Belts and hoses are essential parts of your engine and cooling system. To steer clear of problems, your hoses should be checked at every oil change, which we also due. Belts typically need to be changed every 30,000 – 60,000 miles.

Have your belts checked if you discover:

  • Splits, cracking or fraying in the belts
  • You engine may sound like it’s running rough
  • Your check-engine light stays on after you start the car or truck
  • Have your hoses checked if you discover any of these signs:
  • Bulging or enlarged hosesCrackedHose
  • Hardened hoses
  • Splits all along the hose
  • Worn out or deteriorated hose clamps

Come by or give us a call at (636) 937-7709 to schedule a time that is good for you to let us check out your car or truck.

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